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Chef Brian Polcyn

Chef Brian has been a staple of the Metro-Detroit culinary scene for nearly 40 years, 28 of which he spent owning and operating his own restaurants earning Restaurant of the Year five different times and cooking with some of the country’s best Chefs. He has taught charcuterie and butchery at Schoolcraft College for 21 years and traveled the country teaching two-day courses on the craft and whole-hog breakdown to industry chefs and serious home cooks for six years. In 2006 Chef Brian gained national acclaim for his first book, “Charcuterie: The Craft of Salting, Smoking, and Curing” with Michael Ruhlman. That same year both his book and Chef Brian were James Beard Finalist. Chef Brian and Ruhlman’s third book, “Pâté, Confit, Rillette” hits shelves May, 2019. Chef Brian has sold all his restaurants, but he is still educating, consulting, writing, and improving his own skills, including passing Alessandro Cuomo’s Master Salumi course earning a Master Certification that allows him to butcher and produce traditional salumi throughout the European Union.

Praise the Lard - January 13-14 (9:30am - 4:30pm)

This is a 2-day course all about the pig—from whole-hog butchery all the way down to the finer points of pâtés—by Chef Brian Polcyn. Honoring the pig and honoring the ancient craft of charcuterie is his passion. Chef Polcyn has owned and worked in restaurants for the past 40 years, has been an instructor of charcuterie at Schoolcraft Culinary school for 20 years, and written two best-selling books on the subject of charcuterie. He has travelled the country with these charcuterie classes for the past six years. Chef Polcyn is an expert on this craft with a wealth of knowledge ready to be shared.

“For each course we procure a heritage hog to promote local farmers. Saving heritage breeds and the small American family farm is one of our primary missions. Our goal is to spread the gospel of charcuterie and deepen our collective understanding of this extraordinary creature and this ancient craft.”

The 2-Day Course features:
  • ½ hog breakdown using European seam butchery techniques for salumi cuts.
  • ½ hog breakdown using USDA-style cuts.
  • Lectures, discussions of and full demonstrations using all resulting cuts from the hog breakdown, including sausage making, pâtés en terrine, and working with offal.
  • In-depth discussion and demo of salumi curing, smoking and drying.
  • How to utilize these cuts to for great food cost strategies.
  • Tastings and discussions of all products produced in class.
  • The opportunity to talk one-on-one with Polcyn and Ruhlman.

Cost: $800

Location: 10310 Southard Drive, Beltsville, MD 20705

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Course Syllabus

California Pizza Dreamin’


Chef Glenn Cybulski

Pizza has been a part of California as long as teenagers have been Surfing the SoCal waves. As the years passed by and the Culinary scene evolved, so did pizza. From Nor Cal to LA LA land, Pizza was changing due to a few very creative Chefs that changed the pizza industry on the West Coast forever.

Ed LaDou was a major innovator in the California Pizza scene in the 70s and 80s, along with Wolfgang Puck, Alice Waters and many others. The thought of topping a pizza with Grilled Chicken, Red Onions and BBQ sauce was, well, crazy! But the pizza that Ed LaDou created for a new pizza start up changed the way people thought about pizza worldwide.

Chef Glenn grew up in Marin County in the middle of the fast paced 80’s and fell in love with baking fresh bread and creating what he called Cal-Ital pizza with crispy chewy crust topped with Dungeness Crab, fried Abalone, and other fresh seasonal ingredients. This was the beginning of a 3-decade long love affair in creating California Style Pizza. An Executive Chef with over 30 years of restaurant experience, stretching from kitchens in Italy to California, he has owned 11 restaurants in Northern California & has also consulted on over 50 other restaurant concepts. He has been recognized with over 100 culinary awards nationally & internationally. He studied at the prestigious Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli - the oldest pizza school in the world. It was there where he honed his craft & became a certified Italian Pizzaiolo. Today, Glenn is CEO of Persona, with 7 current franchise locations & several more in the process of opening.

The California Style Pizza Course - January 27-29

In this 3-day Course Chef Glenn will take you on a hands-on journey of learning how to create amazing Ancient Grain California Style Dough as well as his Cali Pinza recipe. Chef will teach his award-winning techniques in creating fresh sauces and topping combinations that will give you a whole new insight on creating new pizzas in your Pizzeria.

Along with your Pizza University Chef Coat and Graduating Certificate you will receive your California Style Pizza study guide a recipe book of all the pizzas and their components that you learn working side by side with Chef Glenn.

“I cannot wait to teach you a whole new way to think about pizza, California pizza!”

Cost: $1900

Location: 9240 Firestone, Downey, CA 90241

upcoming courses

In our other upcoming 1 & 3-day courses, you’ll learn the theoretical as well as the practical methods of making the perfect dough, the secrets of the sauce, stretching techniques for forming the perfect crust and all about ingredients. You will learn the secrets of baking the perfect pizza from highly skilled master pizza instructors.

Pizza styles include:
• Neo-Neapolitan      • Sicilian       • Roman      • American 

Pasquale Cozzolino

Author of The Pizza Diet
Neapolitan Style Pizza
Date: February 2019

Giulio Adriani

Co-Founder of The Local Pizzaiolo
Gluten-Free Pizza
Date: February 2019

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Pizza University Certificate

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You'll receive a Pizza University apron and chef jacket. As well as take-home containers for leftovers and containers for extra dough.

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