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Bread baking is one of the most pleasurable and delicious activities around! Unfortunately, many people are intimidated by words like “chemistry,” “rising,” “proofing,” and “kneading.” For this reason, Chef Amy has put together a series of her most successful bread baking classes for beginners. Inspired by childhood baking with her family and Italian techniques, her methods have been tweaked to make them fool-proof for students during a decade of teaching baking classes.

Building upon the basic baking traditions learned from her family, chef Amy has created a streamlined series that makes reproducing pizza, bread and pastry shop favorites a cinch. You’ll learn the history behind each recipe, significance in the Italian culture, and easy techniques to reproducing them with success at home. Best of all, you’ll gain tips and strategies to incorporate the joy of Italian baking into your busy schedule!

Class One: Pizza and Beyond – Sept 15

We will explore the basics of Italian bread baking – Learn to make classic Neapolitan pizza, Calzone, Stromboli, Ligurian Sweet Grape Focaccia and Calabrian bread. Class One Menu: Pizza, Calzone, Stromboli, Focaccia, and Bread –

Class Two: French Bread for Beginners 10-12-18- Friday Night

This class teaches four artisan shapes made with a classic French Yeast Dough. You will learn to proof, rise, knead, shape, and bake traditional bread. Menu: Basic French Country Bread Dough – The Daisy, The Snake, and The Horseshoe

Class Three: Mediterranean Breads Basics 11-30-18 (Friday Night)

This class teaches delicious Middle Eastern recipes that will become favorites in your home. Menu: Moroccan Country Bread, Pita Bread, Spinach Fatayer, Lebanese Za’taar Dusted Bread

Class Four: Santa Lucia & Italian Holiday Cakes Celebration – Dec 7 (Friday Night)

Italian cake recipes are steeped in lore, tradition, and trade. Learn classic European – cake baking techniques and two important baking customs for the feast of Santa Lucia with four recipes from various regions which can be enjoyed for breakfast, brunch, dessert, or with coffee. Class Four Menu: Pugliese Santa Lucia Taralli, Santa Lucia’s Bread Crown, Apple, Almond, and Amaretti Cake, Tuscan Fig, Walnut, and Fennel Seed Torte

Class Five: Sweet Holiday Traditions – Christmas Cookies, Cannoli, and Struffoli Dec 15 – ALL DAY

Some Italian baking traditions dates back to Magna Grecia. This class will focus on “sacred” recipes used to celebrate holidays and Saints’ days which are now the crowning glory of holiday meals and celebrated all over the world. Class Five Menu: Petrali (Calabrian Fig, Date, and Nut Stuffed Cookies), Tetu (Sicilian Chocolate and Clove Cookies), Cannoli, Struffoli

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In our other upcoming 1 & 3-day courses, you’ll learn the theoretical as well as the practical methods of making the perfect dough, the secrets of the sauce, stretching techniques for forming the perfect crust and all about ingredients. You will learn the secrets of baking the perfect pizza from highly skilled master pizza instructors.

Pizza styles include:
• Neo-Neapolitan      • Sicilian       • Roman      • American 


Pizza University
American Style Pizza
Date: TBD


International School of Pizza
American & Sicilian Style Pizza
September 2018


Starita Pizza Academy
Wood-Fired Neapolitan & Fried Pizza
July 10-12

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