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Enzo Coccia has transformed pizza from one of the most popular products, into an authentic gastronomic experience! Today he is the reference point for the culture of true Neapolitan handcrafted pizza. Research of quality ingredients, deep knowledge of Italian tradition, and an incredible passion for his job, have all led to his great success. Born helping his father in their family pizzeria, Chef Coccia soon realized that he wanted to pursue the sought-after profession of a pizzaiolo. After a few years, he decided to take on a first challenge opening the doors of his first restaurant, La Notizia, which has been recommended as the best restaurant in Italy!

Chef Coccia defines himself simply as a pizza maker, but he is recognized by many as the initiator of the revolution of Neapolitan contemporary quality pizza. For Chef Coccia, his greatest honor is representing the quality of the Neapolitan pizza and conveying the warmth and friendliness of Italy to those around the world by offering the best of the Campania Region through his pizzas!

Traditional Neapolitan Techniques and Wood-Fired Ovens - March 10th - 12th

In this 3-day class you will learn the art of making the authentic Neapolitan pizza with wood-fired ovens. Along with your Pizza University Chef Jacket, Apron and Graduating Certificate, you will receive your copy of Chef Enzo Coccia's book, The Neapolitan Pizza, a Scientific Guide About the Artisanal Process, that you learn working side by side with Chef Enzo Coccia. The Master class is aimed exclusively at professional pizzaiolo already working in the field wishing to acquire the Neapolitan technique. Students will learn Traditional Neapolitan techniques for baking and cook various types of Neapolitan Pizza while learning the history and proper usage of the Neapolitan Oven.

Cost: $1900

Location: Beltsville, MD

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Chef Felice Colucci

Our 2-day Introductory pizza making course will focus on everything that you need to know about creating dough from scratch, stretching and manipulating the dough, and baking your pizza within gas, electric, and wood-fired brick ovens. In this course you will study alongside our Resident Instructor Felice Colucci, who studied at the prestigious Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli.

We recommend this course for Chefs who want to pursue a career in professional pizza making or for businesses that want to train their staff in the art of making the perfect pizza.

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Location: Beltsville, MD

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In our other upcoming 1 & 3-day courses, you’ll learn the theoretical as well as the practical methods of making the perfect dough, the secrets of the sauce, stretching techniques for forming the perfect crust and all about ingredients. You will learn the secrets of baking the perfect pizza from highly skilled master pizza instructors.

Pizza styles include:
• Neo-Neapolitan      • Sicilian       • Roman      • American 



Author of The Pizza Diet

Neapolitan Style Pizza
Date: TBD



Co-Founder of The Local Pizzaiolo
Gluten-Free Pizza
Date: TBD



Award Winning Chef

California Style Pizza
Date: TBD

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